Feature Length Film

We are working towards bringing A Woman's Place feature length film to fruition. Until then, watch our Proof of Concept film for a taste of what's to come.

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View A Woman's Place Docu-series which chronicles testimonies from both survivors of abuse, and experts on patterns of abuse.

Education is the first step towards change.

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About The Film

Our film follows Faye Bannister as she navigates a path that she hopes will end the pattern of abuse in her life. She has grown up poor in 1970’s America, stuck in a cycle of neglect and violence​.​ When circumstances force her into a women’s shelter, she finds herself victimized by Greg, a counselor who takes advantage of her vulnerability. After a violent turn of events enables​ her to escape his abuse,​ she settles into a new life with caring​ friends.

Just as she seems to have her life in order, her past catches up with her and she is put on trial for the murder of the counselor who tried to rape her. After her acquittal, Faye turns her life around and opens a shelter of her own to help other women break the cycle of abuse in their lives.


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