Our Mission

A Woman’s Place is an intriguing story that explores the topic of relationship abuse. The film’s vivid storytelling & gritty aesthetic shed a light on the patterns that victims often struggle through to break free from abuse. We have been bombarded recently with accusations of abuse by high profile members of society. This can only help foster a receptive audience for the story we hope to tell.


Meet the Team

Film is the most powerful medium for creating change.


Monica Graves

Monica received her BFA in Digital Film and Video from The Art Institute of Portland in 2014. She has produced and directed several short films. Most recently, Cedar Street, which received awards at Los Angeles Women’s International Film Festival & Oregon Independent Film Festival. She started off working as an intern on TNT’s Leverage, & PA on NBC’s GRIMM where she met Bruce Carter. She is currently working to develop A Woman’s Place & works as a professional actress & model, appearing in commercials, independent films & most recently IFC’s Portlandia Season 8.

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Bruce Carter

Bruce received his Masters in Geology from the Univ. of Montana. After 7 years of motels and tent camps, he decided a career change was in order and began working as a set PA for directors such as Sydney Lumet & Ron Howard. After moving to LA, he was accepted into the DGA Trainee program. Upon graduation, he began a long career as a film/TV Assistant Director and UPM. Crossing Jordan, Prime Suspect, Father of the Bride, and Benny & June are just a tiny sampling from his extensive resume. Most recently he Produced the NBC series Grimm, and is now working to bring A Woman’s Place to reality.


Jessica Bork

 Jessica received her BA at the University of Washington where she studied, French, Acting and Business. She has worked extensively as an actress, casting director, and producer in the Motion Picture and Television Industry since 2005. She has appeared in over 15 commercials, five independent films dozen of sports modeling ads, and recently television series GRIMM & Z-nation. Working as both an actress and owning her own casting facility has given her a great understanding of the relationship between production and talent.

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