She Broke The Silence After Three Generations of Abuse. And Paid a Price For It.

Rose was born into a family that had suffered abuse, addiction, and mental illness for generations. They kept it all secret. As a teen she began to drink and harm herself looking for a way out. Her relationships as an adult abusive as well – because she didn’t know she was worth more. When she finally spoke up about all the secrets and abuse, she lost her family, and for a time, her children. But now she is living a quite life, her daughters are healthy, and they have successfully broken free from the abuse they lived in for so long.

A Woman’s Place is a two part initiative combining story telling elements of narrative film and short documentary clips of real stories to raise awareness about domestic abuse #1StoryAtaTime

We are currently raising funds for production of the feature length fiction film, A Woman’s Place.

Videos in the docu-series are part of an oral history of survivors of domestic abuse, with the purpose of raising awareness. None of these stories have been verified. They have been edited for clarity.

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