She didn’t realize she was living in an abusive relationship

When she met her abuser and to-be husband she had no idea he was the bishops son at her church. He used that to convince her he was a good guy. She lived through 16 years of abuse with him: financial, emotional, mental, sexual, and physical, and suffered through his love affairs. When she finally realized his actions were abuse his family would not believe her. He tried to make her look crazy and accused her of being the abuser. They wanted to keep her quiet so the church wouldn’t look bad. Now she’s speaking up to help prevent others from finding themselves subject to similar abuse.

A Woman’s Place is a two part initiative combining story telling elements of narrative film and short documentary clips of real stories to raise awareness about domestic abuse #1StoryAtaTime

We are currently raising funds for production of the feature length fiction film, A Woman’s Place.

Videos in the docu-series are part of an oral history of survivors of domestic abuse, with the purpose of raising awareness. None of these stories have been verified. They have been edited for clarity.

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