She lived a life of luxuries. Behind the facade were an abusive father and husband.

Terry lived through abuse as a child in her wealthy home. She then found herself in an abusive marriage. When she tries to get out, her husband disappeared with their son. Now she is an author. Link and bio from her book are below:

More Than My Share of Pain…25 Years in an Abusive Marriage and How I Got Out Written by Terry Maxwell

From the Author: All I can do is share my experience, strength, and hope. I’m writing this book to offer my story and to help other women rescue themselves from the physical pain–as well as the mental and spiritual distress–that comes from enduring a verbally abusive relationship. I want those that have suffered verbal abuse to know that they too can find peace and happiness. That’s what I share in my book–the story of my abusive marriage, the story of how I eventually got out, and the story of my renewal–my second life.

About the Author: I thank my Higher Power for being in recovery. I now have a wonderful and healthy life with the help of the Domestic Violence Center(now HopeWorks) and Al-Anon(12 Step Program). I just celebrated my seven year anniversary with my husband Jake. On our anniversary we visited Sedona and the Grand Canyon. It was wonderful, beautiful, spiritual and inspirational all at the same time. We enjoy estate sales, travel, parks, museums, food, theater and walking our dog and two cats.

I currently enjoy meditation, yoga, ballet and painting. I have spent a large portion of my life running and creating very profitable businesses. I have lived in Spain, England and the Netherlands. Now I am back in the States. This is the first series of books about my life which I am writing to help others survive and get through the insidious and devastating effects of verbal abuse. Verbal abuse does not have to define you, it does not have to destroy you – but it can make you stronger.

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A Woman’s Place is a two part initiative combining story telling elements of narrative film and short documentary clips of real stories to raise awareness about domestic abuse #1StoryAtaTime

We are currently raising funds for production of the feature length fiction film, A Woman’s Place.

Videos in the docu-series are part of an oral history of survivors of domestic abuse, with the purpose of raising awareness. None of these stories have been verified. They have been edited for clarity.

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